Faculty Media Appearances

Our political scientists have a long history of public engagement.

Here are links to some of their many media appearances.

“President Trump Promotes Police Brutality, Major Shake Up In The White House,” WHUR: Politics 963 (Washington, DC)

Ben Fred-Mensah

Clarence Lusane

Daryl Harris

“Intercultural Dialogue,” Institute for Cultural Diplomacy

Keneshia Grant

Lorenzo Morris

Michael Fauntroy

Niambi Carter

Richard Seltzer

Robert C. Smith

“Ron Walters,” UDC Forum (Washington, DC)

Ron Hira

Ronald Walters

Multiple Faculty

Clarence Lusane, Joseph McCormick, 2nd, and Lorenzo Morris

“Survey of the Million Man March,” C-SPAN 


Joseph McCormick, 2nd, Lorenzo Morris, Alvin Thornton, and Ronald Walters:

"Black Vote and the 1992 Election," C-SPAN

“Review and Analysis of November 1990 Elections,” C-SPAN