Graduate Studies


The mission of the Department of Political Science is to support faculty so they are able to provide students with an excellent education that nurtures and develops undergraduate and graduate students, with a special focus on students of African descent; the mission of the Department focuses on Black political experiences and the Black diaspora, and engaging in teaching and research that examines understanding Black politics and Black political life domestically and internationally. 

The Department seeks to teach students how to understand and analyze politics and to promote scholarship and research across a broad range of political topics and concerns that affect people of African descent. In doing so, the Department is focused on providing students with a refined and extended awareness of the political world and analytical abilities to understand and interpret the complexities of domestic and international governance. This training is empirically grounded, and the Department is committed to teaching and training students to become influential leaders and positive social change agents in the United States and around the world in the areas of politics, law, public policy, public service, non-profit organizations, and research and academic institutions, as well as to become activists and scholars. 

Robinson Woodward-Burns, Ph.D.
Director of Graduate Studies

Elizabeth Coates
Administrative Officer